Fixed Deposit


  • Flexible terms from 7 days to a year or more .
  • Platinum Visa Credit Card issued for up to 110% (for KWD) and 120% (for USD/GBP/EUR) of the fixed deposit value .
  • Available in Kuwaiti Dinar and major foreign currencies .

We all know that the day will come when we will need to cash in on our nest egg – whether it’s to pay for your child’s education, the “forever” home you’ve always dreamed your kids would grow up in, or living the retirement life you’ve been working towards.

That’s what UNB’s Fixed Deposit is all about. Putting your money to work for you. Securing your future - while you earn interest.

Invest as much or as little as you wish. Either way, you’ll still enjoy our competitive interest rates and easy access to your money.

Fees and Tariffs

Booking Fees  
Premature withdrawal  
allowed with 1% below the rate applicable for the period lapsed  
Early settlement charges  
Tenor period  
7 days to a year or more  


Applicants must be:

  • - New to UNB or existing UNB customers .
  • - Able to make a minimum investment of KWD 3,000 or equivalent in other currencies .

Terms & Conditions

Pre-mature withdrawal or lapse:

Interest paid at 1% below the rate applicable for the period lapsed.

Terms & conditions apply.

The bank reserves the right to change the interest rates, fees & tariffs, charges and terms & conditions at its own discretion, without any prior notice.

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